Welcome to ShaggyDuck! We’re the folks that look a little shaggy, wear shorts and comfy sneakers every chance we get, are always looking for adventure and have that sparkle in our eye. We’re independent hustlers that have traded high salaries, big retirement accounts and corporate cubicles for the freedom to work when and where we want!

We’re our own media companies, our own brands, we are our product! Join the revolution of entrepreneurs that are creating influential blogs, podcasts, video channels, digital products and social media accounts. All of the middle men have been eliminated and there are no longer any excuses as to why you can’t start making a living doing what you love!

If you’re not quite there yet or you’re stuck, I’m here to help! I’ll show you how to find your wings, wonder and wow.

Finding Your Wings
To get anywhere you must first find your wings and overcome your fears. Finding your wings in this case means figuring out what you want in life and deciding how you’ll get it. Anyone can use their abilities to do new and exciting things at any age.

Finding Your Wonder
Next you’ll need to discover what remarkable talents or abilities you have that can benefit others. Figure out how you can amaze your audience with something beautiful, remarkable or unfamiliar. What thing or quality do you have that makes you good or effective.

Finding Your Wow
The last phase of your journey is to present your talents in an exceptional way. Make your audience express astonishment and admiration for your talents. Learn how to impress and excite your followers.

I wake up every morning knowing I “get to” do ShaggyDuck! I never wake up feeling like I “have to” do ShaggyDuck. My mission is to help you get up every day knowing that you get to do something in life that you’re excited about, whether it’s staying fit, blogging, running a side hustle, fishing, creating a cause, speaking, taking photos or just watching the sunrise.

Everyone is an expert or more knowledgeable than most about something. It’s time to turn that passion, expertise, training or natural talent into something that makes you need to get out of bed every morning. The best way I know how to help is to show you the adventures I’m going on, the tools and platforms I’m using and the returns I get on putting myself out there.

ShaggyDuck is my personal/lifestyle blog bringing you everything I’ve learned and done sinceĀ hopping onto the Internet in 1999. I’m Curtis D. Tucker, a kid from the 70’s, that has had a very fun and interesting life full of little adventures, triumphs, failures and freedom. My journey has taken many major pivots and I’ve gone from the 8-5 grind to having the time of my life.

With the creation of the Internet we now have unlimited opportunities and more possible adventures than we could experience in a lifetime. I’m here to motivate you to squeeze every ounce of pleasure out of life, to show you how to create your own personal brand, how to find a side hustle or how to become an entrepreneur.

This is NOT a “how to make money online” blog, it’s a “how to live a happier life” blog. If you become passionate about something and share your content with other people you will eventually make money, whether you plan on it or not. That’s the beauty of the Internet! As soon as you start sharing your story online you become your own media company and brand.

I’ll bring you life tips, hacks, lists, links, tutorials and insights into 10 main categories: branding, entrepreneurship, marketing, blogging, podcasts, photo & video, motivation, gizmos, social media and adventure. Don’t just sit on the sidelines! Start your journey into something more today and watch as I dive deeper into my own brand.

My plan is to make ShaggyDuck a blog, a t-shirt brand, a podcast and a video channel. I want to get you off the couch, out of a rut, over the hump or beyond the ordinary. Every blog post, podcast and video is intended to entertain, inspire, motivate, teach or transform you.


ShaggyDuck is made up of “Duckers” like you! I’m looking for fellow hustlers that are engaged in positivity, individuality, curiosity and discovery. This blog is for those that want to improve their lives, learn something new, take chances and push their limits.

A high number of elderly people that are interviewed and asked about regret say they wish they has taken more risks. If you start slow, keep steady and stay consistent you’ll eventually reach your goals without huge amounts of risk. The greatest resource you’ll invest is time.

I envision a Ducker being someone that enjoys fun, laughing, sunshine, outdoor & water activities, naps, games, travel, exploring, relaxing, sand, trees, volunteering, creating, sharing, learning, rainbows, entrepreneurship, photography, thunder, dancing, reading, hammocks, ghost stories, oscillating fans, friends, movies, art, food and music.

The Author

I’m Curtis D. Tucker “Shaggs” a.k.a. That Buzz Guy, an Oklahoma-based entrepreneur with a deep background in graphic design, cartooning, SEO, website building, digital media, iPhone photography and side hustling. At 55 years-old I decided to launch ShaggyDuck to share any knowledge I have with you and to create a fun, lifestyle brand for those looking to be just a little bit happier.

I bought my first domain name (curtoons.com) in 1999 and built my own website with absolutely zero knowledge of the Internet. ShaggyDuck.com came along in 2000 originally as a media and design studio.

Today I have become the expert or digital mayor of my hometown, Enid, Oklahoma. My blog www.EnidBuzz.com has become a brand and a media company supplying news and information to a community of 50,000 plus.

Learn more about Shaggs here.