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Everyone should learn to take better pictures. We all have smart phones that are equipped with cameras that take photographs as good as professional cameras did just a few short years ago. Most people no longer own or use regular cameras so we need to make the best of the phone cameras we are carrying.

I’m what you might call a crackerjack amateur photographer. I don’t do it for a living but I do get paid to take photos from time to time and I have sold many of my photographs. When out and about at an activity I prefer to shoot with an iPhone. Over time I’ve developed the knack of knowing when a scene would make a great photo or not.

If you’re saying to yourself that you’d never be able to take a great photo you’d be 100% wrong. This article will explain how I got better at photography and what techniques I use to capture awesome shots.

What began by accident, turned into a two year quest for the perfect Oklahoma sunrise. It all started in the summer of 2015 when I decided to change my morning exercise routine from indoors to outdoors. I hit our local walking trail with my iPhone in tow and began snapping pics of things I ran across while on my trek.

Many mornings I would snap a picture of an Oklahoma sunrise. I began posting those pics on one of my Facebook pages and they quickly became very popular. After a few shorts weeks it became my mission to capture the best sunrise photo I could at the beginning of every day and post it online.

I spent almost exactly two years on this project and ended up with thousands of photos when I stopped in the summer of 2017. Because sunrises go through many different phases very quickly, some mornings would generate almost a dozen pics.

I taught myself some really good techniques for taking much better photos while going through this journey because I was always looking for a new angle. All of the photos I took were shot with the latest version of the iPhone.

This story is in progress! More to come…

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